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About Us

About Us

The Brakenhale School is an 11–19 mixed comprehensive school situated on the southern side of Bracknell. The majority of our students are local coming from a number of different housing estates and we enjoy positive links with our main feeder primary schools.

Brakenhale is a friendly school, average class sizes are smaller than normal and support for each student is personalised. We are committed to achieving high standards for all of our students and believe that every child in our school matters. We also have a strong commitment to providing professional development opportunities for our staff who we consider to be our most valuable asset. Our whole school ethos is summed up in our mission statement ‘Improving the life chances of all our students’ to which all of our staff and students are totally committed.

The Brakenhale School opened in 1958, and was known at that time as Borough Green City Secondary School. The school records show that the initial school roll, on 7th January 1958, was 266. The oldest of these students was born in September 1942, and the youngest in July 1946.

Mr Paul Salter joined The Brakenhale School in September 2005 as our Headteacher. At that time the school roll was 566. The school roll, on the January 2012 School Census day, was 1021. This number is projected to continue to rise as a result of the school’s increasing popularity with parents.

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2013 KS4 and KS5 performance tables published by the Department for Education on 23 January 2014.